Penecrete Mortar

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Penecrete Mortar

Used in combination with PENETRON for filling non-moving cracks and construction joints, form-tie holes, honey-combed areas and structurally damaged concrete.

PENECRETE MORTAR consists of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active, proprietary chemicals. It is applied in laminated layers to areas that have been opened and cut-back to sound concrete for repair to provide protection against water ingress.

Penecrete Mortar Data Sheet
Penecrete Mortar Material Safety Data Sheet
Penecrete Mortar IFU (Instruction For Use)
Penecrete Mortar complies with DWI regulation 31(4)(A) of the water supply (water Quality) regulations 2000 SI No 3184 & the water supply (water Quality) regulations 2010 SI No 994 (W.99).

Available in 25, 10 and 5 Kg Hermetically Sealed Pails


Penetron CRM M700

Structural Repair

Penetron CRM M700 / Structural Repair Mortar

A repair mortar for surface restoration and construction purposes. The product is supplied in a powder form and consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand, patented chemical additives and reinforcing fibers.

It is mixed with water prior to application.

PURPOSE: For the horizontal and vertical repair and restoration of reinforced concrete and masonry structures and as an additive to the wet shot-crete method of waterproofing masonry structures.
Available in 25 Kg Hermetically Sealed Pails.